To little Pudness,
You were a quirky little bird from the start, a little source of guilty pleasure in our lives. It is incredible to believe that such a tiny, fragile and small creature could bring so much energy and delight to any one household, but this is exactly what you did every day of our time with you before that terrible accident took you away from us, preventing so many more years of joy. You were a little bundle of happiness that brought liveliness and laughter every single day of our lives with your peculiar and individual ways, especially after a long day’s work. You are very special to us, you are genuinely loved, and you are being truly missed.

  • June 2, 2015
    Love comes in all sizes. You may have had a little body but you had a big impact in love! Enjoy the heavenly trees and tell dad and Greg Hi!
  • June 3, 2015
    She was our happy place. When the world got to me, she always made me smile. She's with Dad and Greg, and now she is making them smile and I am happy she is with them and we will see them again....She also reminded how important it is for us to keep and spread that joy- we all need to be a happy place. Life is too short, so make as much joy in it when you can!

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