Porter Janik

My faithful friend forever. Till we meet again and I look into your trusting eyes never to be parted again. I still hear your tags clinking on your collar, you walking around the house, you drinking water making a mess….you know I hated that noise but would give anything to hear it again. Every time I get ice from the refigerator I wait for you to come get your ice. I miss how excited you were when I got home..just so you know I was just as excited but never had that energy you had to jump around or I would have. I miss your face looking out the window watching me leave for work. I really miss laying on your bed watching the critters in the yard with you every night. Yup! There still there. You were the best co-pilot in the car. You were my bud! It’s a very lonely house without you Porter. I love and miss you big guy! Gone but never forgotten ❤️

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