Pokey the Prince

Died Saint Pokey the Prince, on Easter Sunday April 24,2011. Hatched March 1, 1981 at Canary Bird Farm in Old Bridge, NJ and was a self employed humanitarian. He was a member of the Pletenik family for 30 years, “BIRD TALK” president, parrotisher of Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, Paul White Ministries who he watched every Sunday and lived in Clifton, Myrtle Beach, Paterson & traveled to seven continents, fifty states , & fifty countries in the heart of his beloved sidekick Lori. Devoted SUPERHERO to his grandmother Arlene , who watched him for 24 years, grandfather, Ted, brother Ted, who put up with his antics & screaming, sister Amy , who may have been the reason he plucked his feathers and niece Kasey, nephew Robbie, and nieces Jamie & Jen who would always visit him when in town. Cremation Services were held Easter Monday April 25th at Marrocco Funeral Home @ 900am in Clifton, NJ. In lieu of flowers please pray for his loved ones left behind while he is flying in Parrot Paradise with JESUS and Sydney the cockateil , Babe the bubbley African Grey, Coco the playful poodle, calvin the coolest akita/chow, brutus the great, flea the fiesty pitbull & chester the tenacious turtle. P.S. Thank you Dr B Garcia for making this website memorial come to life!

I have had Pokey thru the best & worst times of the prime years of my life 14-44. He was shy in his younger years but once we connected it has been a bond til his last breath. Pokey ate breakfast, lunch , dinner & snacks by my side. Always worked out with me, played, watched TV & especially movies where his favorite pastime being petted for 2 1/2 hours or more. He was the PRINCE of his PALACE taunting our poodle & other parrots while flying past their cages and back to his home which was a fluffy rope high above the rest. CHEWING everything , when i didnt come home quick enough for him, cabinets, ceilings, pictures, books, clothes, & nice fluffy spa blankets was his highest revenge. I’ll miss my best friend, faithful sidekick, true-greenest companion & Ultimate SUPERHERO who gave me the happiest years of our lives, who loved me like no-other. I wish to fly with him in SuperHero heaven one day. AMEN and peace be with you my loveable Prince!

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