Pirate was a treasured and very much loved dog. She was smart, she would learn her toys names fast. Like woodie for a wood animal. That was one of her favorite animals. She would give her baby kisses. I gave all her animals names. She would know all of them. When I asked her to go get turtle or blue dinosaur, lady bug. she would run and get each and everyone of them. She enjoyed going backwards and running free. She loved her entire family and extremely devoted to my son Alfred. We miss her dearly. She will be honored and her life celebrated. She was a great companion and loyal friend. I miss her terribly but knowing she was handle so lovingly from faithful companion is a blessing. Always in my heart and filled with so many memories for 6 year Pirate. For all the love and laughter you brought into my life. Blessing my very dear friend. Hugs and Kisses forever.

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