Peppurr, my love, you came into my life with heartworm and feline viruses, a feisty tomcat nonetheless, and won my heart only to break it months later when you fell ill with feline leukemia. I did everything I could do for you medically, though there was no cure. I feel fortunate to have been a significant part of your precious (but too short) life. Rest in peace my sweet boy – please visit me in my dreams …

  • September 17, 2012
    Dear Peppurr, You were a very important part of my friend's life. She loved you so much, and I'm sure that feeling was returned. In this photo, at least, you remind me of Jackie who was part of my family for 21years. You guys - and girls, of course, are so hard to part with! Make sure you will be waiting for Sandi at Rainbow Bridge. I know she will be looking for you. Be probably will take quite some time for her to arrive. It must feel good for you to be whole once more and able to play with friends you have met... love, Barbara

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