Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty should have been adopted in a heartbeat. A tiny, tortoiseshell Persian, only about 2 years old, she sat in her crate at the FOCAS adoptions greeting everyone who came up to pet her. But it was the Saturday of Hurricane Sandy & people were not thnking of anything other than getting what they needed to prepare for the strom & hurrying home. The adoption day ended & all the cats returned to their foster homes, except Patty, she didn’t have one. I didn’t want to leave her alone in the FOCAS office, but I couldn’t be sure my cats would accept her. I took a deep breath & brought her into my home “for a few days”. She never left. Patty was a quirky little girl. Weighing only 7 pounds she looked much larger with her long, full coat. She had a GIANT presence. She liked leaning against a cold door, lying on cold tile floors & granite countertops but, most of all, she loved water. Though there were 2 water fountains & a water bowl available at all times, she would jump into the kitchen sink to drink out of any bowl that was soaking. It made her so happy, how could I say no? She spent most of her time happily lying on the kitchen counter or resting on the tile floor with her chin on her water bowl. She had a totally silent meow. I don’t think I ever saw her sleeping, she always seemed to be relaxing but alert. She died suddenly on March 12, 2014 only 16 hours after showing signs of illness. This tiny, silent girl left a huge, empty hole in my home & in my heart. She is greatly missed.

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