How does one start to tell you how you feel about someone that has been with you all the days and nights looking for you and not wanting nothing in return but”LOVE”. That is and will always be Penny. For my self i knew that if i was not there PENNY looked afer Dad and Mom and kept them feeling Loved and safe and the best friend for Dad on his walks in the yard or just sitting in a chair outside looking at his children and grandchildren laying with his arm to his side of the chair just touching her and petting her as if they both new “Yes” this is a great time! Penny gave stretght to my Mom after my Dad passed for Penny is apart of my Dad and all in our family, my brother and sister’s, grandchildren, and all that she has touched. I will miss her and i will look foward to the time that all my furry friends and not furry will be together again and i pray God will watch over us all in this time without her but i know in my heart that Dad and all our Loved ones are walking together in God light watching and waiting till we are all together again LOVE YOU!
The Killiany Family,
Tom,Pam and Ben,Roger

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