Pebbles Cottontail Ceron

Pebbles Cottontail Cerone April 2, 1995 – February 27, 2012.

Whelped in Pennsylvania. A pure breed Lhasa Apso that lived briefly at the Jersey shore. Pebbles lived most of her days in Northern NJ where she also passed away with the help of a very caring vet & his assistant at Bergen Passaic Animal Hospital.

Pebbles is/Was a kind, loveable, caring dog who loved a cat named Tazman, other animals, children seniors and all people Pebbles favorite food is chicken.

Pebbles knew her name, loved to be called for “dinner” and enjoyed watching Television. But most of all, Pebbles loved to be around me ALL the time. Pebbles would be a step away from me at all times and alwsys had her eye on where I was if I had to be more than an extremely short distance away from her.

Pebbles loved to play in the snow. Pebbles is survived by her family members, friends, acquiantances and other doggie pals.

Pebbles is/was being buried in a group so that she will have other doggie pals in the afterlife. Pebbles had stomach problems from the minute she was born/whelped-their wasn’t much hope for her survival. My daughter said, “let’s keep her, I’ll nurse her back to health”. Pebbles lived nearly 17 years. 16 years, 11 months old at the time of her passing.

loved, loved, loved by everyone she met and she loved, loved, loved everyone and everything. Good bye my little pal, faithful friend, a companion to me and an adoring eyed doggie with the little yellow ribbon in her hair.

Pebbles had a few other cute nicknames such as “pooh bear” “Pebbly pooh” and “ba ba”, etc.

Pebbles song was “Bah, Bah black sheep have you any wool…One for my master, one for my dame, one for the little dog who lived by the Lane.

Ms. S. Cerone, Ms R. Cerone & everyone that was ever touched by a loveable little dog named Pebbles “Cottontail” Cerone

Pebbles Loving Family, friends, acquaintances & other animals that loved her. You are sorely missed, Pebbles “Cottontail” Cerone.

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