For 15 years Payton and I grew up together. He was my play mate, my sleeping buddy and most importantly my best friend. It was so unbelievably hard to say goodbye, but I trust that I made the right decision. I know he is in heaven playing in the water, running around and enjoying the warm weather. He will always be in my heart. “It’s not goodbye, it’s ill see you later.” I love you my sweet boy. Rest easy my babe.

  • September 17, 2016
    When I read your message, it reminded me so much of how we feel about our little guy, Parker. We had to also make the hard decision and will always be the most difficult thing ever to do. Parker was our sweet boy too. We miss him and the emptiness is unbearable at times. They change our lives in such great ways and so when they leave, it is like someone took a part of your soul and you are not whole anymore. i am not sure how long Payton has been gone but i wish for you and your family that you are doing o.k. We were lucky, that i know.

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