Patches Reagan MacMillan

February 21, 1998 – June 09, 2011
Our sweet baby girl, Patches Reagan MacMillan lived in our hearts from the day she came into our family. Her spirit, her feistiness, her loving ways will always remain with this entire family. We couldn’t have picked a more suitable dog for us. We have learned so much from her as I am hoping she has learned from her family as well. She will FOREVER be missed by her mama, her daddy her babies, RYNE AND TIFFANY…she protected us all with every once she possessed in her tiny body. She was fearless and it showed. Rat Terriers are small in nature, but you would have thought she was 10 feet tall by the way she carried herself. Patches, we all loved you so much, and we know you knew that, so its not Goodbye my little darling, its until we meet again, and we shall….<3

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