Norbert, you were the sweetest, furry baby by far. You were always by my side. From the couch, to the restroom, to the kitchen, to my bedroom, to outside, on car rides, and unfortunately the many vet trips your last week on earth. It saddens me to see you go from such a happy, full of life dog, to so sick so soon. Now I can only look back at all the memories from the times that you made me laugh, hear your little feet following along behind me, your barks, your kisses, your little eyes peeking at me over the couch cushion, your funny little growl as I played with you, your soft and fluffy fur that tickled my nose, the way you wanted me to always be around and hold you, and seeing your fluffy tail running across the backyard. You always appreciated me as much as I appreciate you. Even though you were only given to me at your age of 9 and 4 short years spent with me, I’m so thankful to have had that short time, than none at all. I would do it all over again, except to see you in pain. It also saddens me that I’ll never have any of those chances again or seeing you. I feel lost now without you. You were my child. I love you, and I will see you again one day over the Rainbow bridge. Until then, I’ll never forget you.

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