Feb 26, 1996 – June 27, 2011
Nike, the little puppy that we bought our son the summer before his Freshman year in high school. Nike was an awesome puppy, an incredible adult dog and a loving older dog He and my son had a connection that was sweet and loving. It’s as if they really were brothers. As an adult my son moved out of state and Nike stayed with us. Whenever my son came home it was like he had never left. He and Nike picked up right from where they left off. There was a true and honest connection between them. Nike was put to rest 4 days before my sons 30th birthday, he was 16 years old. Our entire family was so sad, but we rejoice in the fact that we were blessed to have Nike for 16 amazing years. We were as lucky to have him as he was to have us. We miss him so much but know that his tired little body is young once again and that he is waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. RIP Nikers and know that you were the best dog there ever was. I know that as much as I used to tease Jason that you were my dog and loved me most you were truly his and you will ALWAYS be in his heart now and forever. Rest well our sweet friend.

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