Molly the Wonder Dog

Thank you Molly for nearly 17 years of unconditional love, cute smiles and unwavering devotion. Since you were small enough to sit in our lap you have been a joy. Your addiction to the tennis ball was exuberant – throw it you would demand – then retrieve it you would – countless times. You would swim far into the lake to get the tennis ball. You loved your tennis ball. You loved chasing squirrels – and caught one much to the surprise of the squirrel. The chipmunks would taunt you until you caught your fair share of them. You were always so patience – with dinner or snacks. You loved to get any leftovers. You had a stomach of steel. You ate almost anything – nothing red. You did not like tomatoes or grapes.

You loved to go for a ride in “your” truck. You sat upright in the passenger side and looked forward. People would take a double look at you. You were like a person. You enjoyed going on errands, trips up north, to the park, to the field or to the lake. It didn’t matter you just enjoyed being with people. You never complained when we went away and didn’t take you. You were always waiting on the driveway when we returned with your smile and tail wagging.

You tolerated the new kid in the house. You adjusted to the new home. You even grew to like your new companion even though she was young and had lots of energy.

You loved resting in the hot sun with your black shiny coat with its violet tint. You enjoyed being outdoors and preferred it whenever possible. You were loved by all who knew you. You have been signing Christmas cards for many years and pictured on many of them. Many people ask about you regularly. You will be missed greatly by your family and all who knew you. We all love you and thank you for your love in return.

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