Molly May

Molly was the GREATEST dog in the world !! She was the best Leader Dog one could have. Always was there for me in so many ways. When life got tough she always could make me happy again. I sure do miss you !
I got Molly from the Leader Dog for the Blind in Rochester, MI in May 2004. I had 8 wonderful years with her, only wish I could of had more. Molly got sick a month ago and started having seizures and had all the symptoms of a brain tumor. After a week of being real sick she fought her way back to me and gave me 3 more good weeks without seizures or any signs of anything being wrong with her. She was playing and being happy. But on Thursday, September 26, 2012 she started having seizures again over and over. Within 41 hours she had 24 seizures. I took her Saturday at 3:30pm to the Animal Neurology & MRI Center they said they were 99% sure she had a brain tumor and could give her meds to try and slow the seizures down, but she won’t last much longer. I couldnt see her suffer anymore so I had to make the toughest decision in my life and have her put to sleep 🙁 At 5:00pm I held her in my arms as they gave her the meds. After about 30 seconds she was gone to a better place. Faithful Companion came right away and picked her up and by 11:30am the next day I had her back in my arms again. They drove her all the way to Saginaw just to bring her to me. They are the most compassionate people you will ever meet. Thanks to all for your wonderful service and caring manner.

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