Molly: Born? Entered our lives about 5 or more years ago she was at least 10-15 yrs.old,On December 29,2011 At 12:41 PM.She passed away,she was one of our many recued cats and dogs,found on the streets of OKC,so small,a little yorkie,in 110 degree heat with her eyes swollen,no hair and sunburned, but our little girl was a fighter! When we moved to plymouth in 2010, all our 4 legged kids, and Molly fit right in. She was Mamas girl and we spoiled her rotten. But she got sick with conjestive heart disease, and the Vet thought she would not make it,wrong,got through almost having kidney failure,vet could not believe it, but theres that fighter in her, but I could tell she was getting sicker in late November and the Vet said just let her days be as good as we can make them, she had no pain and was still eating and I begged Molly to get through Christmas, and she gave those extra days. We miss her little barks to be fed and the way she ran when it was ready, and the love she gave us will fill our hearts for our lifetime. We were so blessed for her being in our lives, as well as all our other critters. I’ve cry a billion tears, but they still come, but I know she is in Heaven with all our other pets and my Dad is there to take care of them all. Thank you MOLLY for being there for us all through the good and sad times, and just being our little friend. We will miss you so much and a piece of our hearts went with you. All our love for now and forever. Your family:Debbie & Chris,and the critters:Jake,Abby,Ladybug,Squeeker,Brutus,Annie,Festus,Puff,Buddy,Mama, Baby,and Buba. XXXXXOOOOOO

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