ETERNAL JOY: 10/09/97

My Good Girl Mia,

I can’t believe you are gone. First to lose Maxx and now you. The pain is unbearable but I know you will not have to ever suffer. It’s been so hard to write you. That day your Mom bought you home to meet the family, changed my life forever – you touched and captured my heart. You have given our family 15 years of unconditional love and so much joy. You are the first baby girl. You are one of a kind and your loyalty is immeasurable. You truly are my “BELLA MIA”. I find comfort knowing that you are with your brother, Maxx. The two of you have never spent a Christmas apart and we wouldn’t want Maxx to be alone – he needs his big sister. Watch over your Mommy, Daddy, the kids – they miss you terribly. What I would do to give you rubbies one more time and to hold you….until we meet again..

Love You with all my heart,
Your Auntie Ria

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