Maxim Kitch

My pup maxim passed about 10 minutes to midnight on the 21st of may,a couple days ago.He was about to turn 3 with his best friend konor.this weekend on my fathers birthday(who also passed about a month or two ago) We have lost my grandmother and my father and other family members in just months…our pup was there when i felt abanodoned,im still hauted by the fact that he is gone and i couldnt protect him like he did with us,he was a pitbull/jack russell/lab mix and i wassoproud of him,he showed others that pitbull doesnt mean bad,its about the person who hurts that poor dog.He loved everyone and every animal.he showed me how to live when i lost my daddy…im still confused on what happened,but i know since me and my husband talked awhile ago,we knew we had to have they cremated so when his brother dies,we can mix them and when we pass,someone can mix us all together.Im upset i didnt get to go down to royal oak to actually have some confort in knowing that its my dog,i had to drop him off at a local vet until faithful companion could pick him up…now tonights the night we pick him up…ive never been so scared and upset but im happy about all the great reviews i have heard about faithful companion,ive put my trust in them..We love you maxim,me and dad both,and your brother misses you so much and loves you.We can still take you everywhere with us.

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