3 months after losing my retirement buddy, an ad on petfinder caught my attention – ” 18 month old playful cat that likes to sit in laps and snuggle at night” caught my attention. When we arrived at the Humane Society we only saw his face after lifting the blanket he was hiding under in a carrier. Over the next several months he developed into everything in the ad and more. He was a “mama’s boy but shared himself with others . When mama arrived home he would be there to greet her by rolling over for a belly rub. If not in a lap he could be found during the day in a bed by the window, outside in his gazebo , under the covers on our bed , or if it was sunny, sunning his belly in the window. At night he snuggled with us in bed. He was everything we could have wished for. We were blessed with our “putter” for 8 wonderful too short years.

Forever in our hearts, our wonderful Maverick.

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