Our Sweet Baby Girl, we loved you the first moment we set eyes on you. We hope that we were able to make up for the love that you didn’t get in your first 9 years of life. Everyday you were blessing our hearts and home with love and silliness was a day we will never forget. You were a fighter, through everything, but now it’s time to be at rest. Be free to run and play with the angels. All of us miss you terribly, but we will meet you again at the Bridge. We love you, Piglet!!

  • March 24, 2015
    Macy was a dog that from what I heard had a very rough begining of her life. Stacey recued her an blessed her little life an I feel it was Macy that ended up blessing Stacey instead. She was the kind of dog that melted your heart just to be near her. I think if I were other dogs an walked by I'd be jealous I didn't get to live at the Luoma house. Woobies, treats, walks in the park on sunny days, an all the cute outfits an blankets a doggie could ask for. It's a regular animal heaven on earth there. Macy u will be missed an you taught us how to love an be loved. To care for something beyond ourselves. Your selfless journey on this earth to fill a human heart with joy will never be forgotten. Now u can have all the junk food u want. Love Aunt Rose ♡

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