My Lucky baby.. Who knew you would choose me to love you when you found us 15yrs ago as a stray kitten. You have been a faithful, loyal and loving kitty, bestfriend, and companion. I miss you running around the house, i miss our curiosity, i miss your meows and your random naps in the middle of the floor of every room in the house…. I miss you running to the kitchen when you hear any chip bag because you think it’s your treats. The last month and a half has been so difficult watching you decline… Stupid kidney failure. I wish i fed you kidney-diets since you were a baby… Thank you for making the decision for me — you knew it was hard for me to do that…. But i know you’re in a better place now, no more suffering… You can have all the boxes, carpets, leathercouches and plastic bags to scratch anytime… I miss you so much my baby!! I love you from the deepest parts of my heart!!! Thank you for being part of my life..

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