My dearest Lionel Boy… you were my so dear to me. You brought be so much joy and happiness. You taught be how to become a good mommy to my twins who 4 years after you came to our family. My attention used to be 100% yours, but when the twins came I had to devide my love among 3. You never seemed to care and were so gentle around the kids. You became sick so suddlenly, and I wish there was more I could have done for you boy. One week and you took a turn for the worse. My usual hyper active boy was still and weak… I never seen such a pitiful site. At that point I new we had to help you as your quality of life diminished. Choosing to help you over the Raiinbow Bridge was one of the hardest deciosions of my life… I only hope that we did it with your best intentions at heart. My poor boy … you suffer no more… my heart lays heavy and broken hearted… hopefully in time I can find peace that you are at peace & not suffering. Rest In Peace… your life had purpose to make me happy and in that you succeeded! Miss you and you will never be forgotton. I cherish out memories! Mommy loves you!

  • April 1, 2013
    Lionel was such a cute boy :)

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