12/1/2000 – 7-18-2014
Lady girl you were with us for 13 yrs. You helped us get threw so many tough times. You have been here since Nate was 7mths old. You two grew up together. Its been hard on him. He misses you so much. Being a teenage boy with out your best friend is tough. Daddy and Brenna miss you so much too! It just doesn’t seem real without you here home with me and your K9 buddy Kaizer. That’s when we miss you the most when its just mommy & Kaizer. We love you so much good girl! You are cancer free and pain free now! Go protect the angels sweet girl. Know that mommy loves and misses you so much..see you at that rainbow bridge good girl!♡♡Mommy, Daddy, Nate, Brenna, and your faithful K9 companion Kaizer♡♡
We also would like to thank Faithful Companion for everything you did. Thank you treating my fur baby with love and dignity. And for having her back to us within 24 hrs. It felt so good to have her back where she belongs. And the young man who brought her to us was very caring and professional. Thank you so very much.

  • February 17, 2016
    I hope you were there to greet your buddy Kaizer. We love and miss you both so much. Its not the same around here anymore. It hasn't even been 24hrs since we let Kaizer go and Idk if i will be able to keep it together. I keep looking to see if they are here yet to gives us the remains of our boy. I know they will be here today but cant wait till he is home again. Faithful Capanion will be here and I know they will treat him with the love and that we would. An rhat they did for you momma girl. Lady,take care of our boy Kaizer. We love you both so much.

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