To my sweet boy Jameson. You were only 5 years old, why did Cancer have to take you from us?! We are still mourning the loss of you and Layla continues to ask where you are and why you’re not coming back to her. You were our best buddy. Cancer took you far too soon and for that I am so very sorry I couldn’t do anything else to save your life and so very sorry we didn’t find out sooner and started chemo sooner, maybe you would still be here laying next to me. I miss your big brown eyes, your wiggly butt and you greeting me at the door every night. I miss your snoring and cuddles. I just want you to know that even though we only got to share 5 short years together, those 5 years were filled w/so many loving memories buddy. I will love you always and until we meet again, I hope you are pain free running your hardest, like you used to do, in heaven.

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