Izzy, when Mom & Dad brought you home to me 5 years ago, you just fit in my hand and I fell in love with you. You were my best friend. You went everywhere with me. I remember the time we went up north and you and I rode the golf cart all over. We also went swimming together in our pool. We all love you very much, Tyler, Ryan, Kyle and Mom & Dad, and friends Smokey a cat, Mollie a dog, and some other animals around the house. You will be in our hearts forever.

  • March 8, 2013
    Tyler, We will always remenber little Izzy every time we see her she always gave us so many kisses. We love her very much. mema&papa
  • March 10, 2013
    Our little Izzy (Naughty NuNu) We remember bring you home you sat in my lap you were so small. It was a scary first few months we didn't want to step on you. We are going to miss our little camping buddy specially Molly girl she loved you too. Its sad to think were not going to be able to swim in the pool all of us had so much fun watching you paddle your self around in the pool we laughed for hours.It seems like your still here just hiding under our blanket on our bed. We look under them but you are not there. I look for you when i get home from work you normally would be on the back steps waiting for me wagging your little tail and barking. We will remember you forever our little Izzy we love you always and forever you will be in our hearts Love Mom Dad Kyle Ryan and Tyler
  • March 10, 2013
    We already miss you so much Izzy. Such a little cuttie. We will miss you snuggling up with us. If we couldn't find you we would just look under blankets or towels, or coats and there you would be. R.I.P IZZY

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