All dogs go to Heaven. My heart is in a million pieces. Rest in peace my sweet Harley boy. You are terribly missed. You were my little sidekick. Our home is not the same now that you are gone. My heart aches and is empty without you. For 5 years, you were not well. I did my very best to take care of you and keep you comfortable. It was the least i could do to repay you for all your years in caring for us. You were robbed of vision, hearing and strength. Now, you can see, hear, run and play. Chase all the birds and squirrels as you want. No more shots, no more pain. You are no longer sick, old and weak. Your tiny body fought and battled hard to hang in there for us, much longer than the dr thought you would live. For more than 15 years, you protected our children and our hone. You did well. Boots will take it from here. Forgive me for being selfish and holding on to you a little too long. The thought of missing you was too much to bear. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge buddy. Good-bye my faithful boy. You truly were the best dog ever.

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