6/30/2008 – 1/21/2012

We rescued Gypsy when she was only 2 years old from the humane society. The first two years of her life she was abused by the people she loved. In June of 2008 we found each other at the humane society and knew she would be the perfect dog. We knew she wanted to play as soon as she came out of the cage and chase a ball when we went into the interview room. It took love and patience to get her to trust us. She would always enjoy going for car rides, playing out in the yard with her frisbee and ball. We had named all of her toys and we would name each toy off and she would get the right toy, I even taught her to get her own cookies and she would but she waited for permission. The one thing I loved about her was when I asked to cuddle she would snuggle right up to me. She learned tricks quickly and was very good. Her four obsessions would be the garbage disposal, we could never spell out the word fan because she would look up at it and start spinning in circles and bark, couldn’t say baseball when it was on tv because she would go up to it and try to chase the ball, and tried to heard the vacuum cleaner. A year ago the worst thing happened, she started having seizures, and on January 21, 2012 she had a series of seizures that had lasted over an hour and became unresponsive to us and took her to the vet and ended up having three more and he said there was nothing they could do and that’s when we made our decision. We decided to set her free from her suffering and pain. It was the hardest thing and our hearts will never be completely healed. She will be sadly missed !!

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