My sweet, shy “Guy” – We first met in early 2009 when you were a tomcat living outside my father’s house. I thought it was endearing how you fought over me with Barry, another tomcat who also hung out on the porch. Over time I won the trust of you both, and took both of you in the following year. Unlike Barry, you tested positive for FIV, so I gave you your own room. You would often hide when I approached you on foot, but were very affectionate when I sat down to pet you. I invited you many times to spend time with me in the living room, but you would soon want to return to the security of your room, and to watch the outside world from your own window. Early in 2017 you started losing weight due to an unusual carcinoma. We tried an anti-tumor drug, but ultimately you succumbed to the disease because of your weak immune system. It was a bittersweet ending when you came over to lay down next to me right before you passed away. I miss you so much, my blonde little boy. I look toward the day when our spirits will reunite …

  • March 28, 2017
    So sorry to hear of the loss of Guy .. We have all had too many of these losses within the last 12 months in particular. No one will ever convince me that their spirits are not still alive, and come to us whenever we think of them (opening the connection), and that being said, when we are released from earthly existence we can surely reunite with these beautiful spirits we have known and loved. I remember guy when he was first on Dad's front porch so very well .. He is a special soul, one of the "sweethearts" or angels that come into our lives, for oh too short a time. Your Loving Sister, Debbie
  • April 1, 2017
    Dear Sandi, Your Guy looks so sweet, you must miss him so much! It never gets any easier, does it? You knew, when you took him in that the time would come that he would leave that life with you, the life you gave him. What would have happened to him without YOU? You gave him some time, love, and the care he needed so you give to all your four-footed family members who rely on you for everything. Each one is special. each one is different, each one is a life to be treasured. And all of us, who love those dear and innocent souls, trust that the day will come when we are reunited forever. You will see Guy, and all the others who went before, I know this in my heart! What a reunion that will be! with Love and Sympathy, my dear friend, Barbara
  • April 2, 2017
    So very sorry to hear about Guy. I know he had the very best care possible & how patient and loving you were with him, earning his trust and giving him a home where he would be safe and loved. Lucky Guy to spend his time in our loving care.

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