Ginger (Gingerbread) Warren

Sweet Ginger: You were the absolute center of our World (for nearly 8-years). You walked into our life and opened so many doors to new friends and new experiences.

You were Mommy’s constant Saturday Companion and forever “road buddy.” You were stunning and regal! Somehow you managed to grab everyone’s heart with your tender and sweet disposition.

We will never forget your signature “Boxer Wiggle” and little “Boxer Head Tilt!” Ginger, you will always be our forever little precious sweetheart. Look for us (Sweet Girl) because one day we’ll journey together again!

Lot’s of tender hugs and kisses,

Mom, Grandma, Granddad, Uncle Jeff & Aunt DaShanne, Kylie, Wes, and a host of friends

  • June 16, 2017
    Indeed Ginger was one of the most loving and peaceful companions anyone could ever have. It would not be possible to list all those precious moments but here's a couple: Ginger was so cute when she was just tall enough to stand on her back legs at the kitchen sink and stretch those long front legs into the sink hoping to grab something to eat. I took a picture and told Shelley that Ginger was simply helping with the cute she was. I also remember Ginger's more anxious moments too. Saturdays were extremely exciting when it was time to go to the groomer. This was a time when she would be able to spend with her other human and doggie friends, ie, Riley who was also a beautiful male boxer. They were a perfect couple. Ginger could hardly wait when it was time to go. She'd run from the patio door to the garage door as Shelley got the car ready. She wanted to made certain that she wasn't going to be left. The wonder of these stories is only exceeded by her inquisitive nature and beauty. I will aways say that no pet was loved or cared for as much as Ginger. Shelley, you was fortunate to have you as her Mom. You were were simply the very best. Between you and Mom, she never lacked anything. Noone could have ever provided more. We all miss you Ginger. Luv, Granddad.

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