We knew you were getting up their in your years. We were happy for every day We had with you. We never thought about the day we would have to say Goodbye. You were a trooper dog, like the times we went outside to play. And out of nowhere you took off going 80 mph around in circles, you would pin those ears back and hit the gas…lol I just watched you and smiled. Or when I come home from work and get your own special plate out and feed you your “special” We have memories forever in our hearts. Your brothers Jaxx & PeeWee miss you something terrible. We know your in a better place out of pain & suffering. Duncan you go now and run you have full use of your legs and sight and hearing. You have stamped a place in our hearts that will never fade. We love and miss you everyday. We love you, (Duncan Punkin) love mom & Dad Jaxx and PeeWee.

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