For our amazing and lovable St. Bernard, Dudley. From one of your best friends, Tara.
I’ve had him for a major portion of my life, and I’m lucky he lived as long as he did.
He was quite honestly one of the greatest dogs in the world.
He loved attention, never really barked, never jumped around.
He loved the snow, and just outside in general.
His slobbering was only part of his charm.
He was bigger than me (taller if he would stand up on his hind legs), which might of made him seem a little freaky, but he was more like a giant teddy bear you win at carnivals. Harmless, lovable, and cuddley. (We called him Cuddley Dudley.)
Boy he was a pain to keep healthy at times, but he made life 100 times better when you’d walk in the door to see that adorable face of that adorable St. Bernard.

I’ll miss you so much, and I’ll always remember you.

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