Diesel Chammout

Our sweet baby bear. You made our family complete. You were the most loving, heartwarming dog we could have ever asked for. Your love made our house a home. We are forever grateful for the happy memories and joy you brought us. This world without you will never be the same. Your cuddles and kisses warmed our hearts and made our days brighter. You shined so bright. You loved cuddling on our laps and wrapping up in the most comfy blankets. You loved your teddies, who are still with us today. You loved long walks and sunshine. You loved to bark and play. Seeing you every time we walked through the door was the best sight to see. You brought so much love and happiness to us. You left us way too early and it breaks our hearts. Just know that we won’t we apart forever. We’ll reunite and walk over the Rainbow Bridge together. For now, we’ll miss your beautiful eyes and your loud barks. We’ll miss letting you out in the backyard every morning and throughout the day. We’ll miss coming home to your precious face and wagging little tail. We’ll miss you every day and we promise to love you always. You are very dear to our hearts. We love you big boy. You were everything to us. Rest in peace sweet beautiful bear. You’re our little angel now.

  • May 19, 2015
    When the sorority came over for bid day and Mariam S. Was so scared of him even though he was so tiny and all he did was play with everyone and run around and be cute. RIP Diesel, Love you, T <3
  • May 20, 2015
    Diesel. A name to strike fear into the hearts of men. Never was a pup so worthy of such a name as little Diesel. Upon entering the door, he would attack immediately with his cuddles. The cute was often too much to handle, the number of victims lost to his overwhelming cuteness is too great to speak of. Once claimed by his cuteness, the idea of escape was unthinkable. For all who ever tried to leave were met with his fearsome roars, as he stared into their eyes with his dangerously adorable face. Gone but not forgotten, Diesel will live forever in our hearts. My heart is heavy, but I know he's already a king in puppy heaven. I love you bud. Rest in peace.
  • May 20, 2015
    Diesel always lit up your home with sunshine! He was always so welcoming and loving to everyone- and he behaved so well during bid day and spa night! Not to forget all of the legs he humped in his time ;) I'm so glad I got to hold you on the front porch while having some girl talk with Tee. You were snuggled up so close, and it warmed my heart. Deez, we miss you buddy!

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