Daria Quinn Spade

Daria I still remember the first day I met you and you peed on me when I held you. You went through a lot the 6 years you were on this earth. I will miss hearing your trill bark, chasing after the cats, and playing with your sister Skye. I will miss your kisses most. My heart is broken right now. I can’t believe you are gone. Rest in peace sweet girl. You have a lot of people that love you. And I still and always will love you more then the world!

Mom, Dad, Skye, Bob, Lily, Luna, Dave, Terri, and April

  • February 19, 2016
    Houghton King Pounds. You brought so much love and joy to everyone that you were around. You were our Furson. We rescued you from the animal shelter the year me and Dad got married. You came on this journey with us for 13 yrs and 3 months. You were perfect in every way. So good with cats,dogs,children and travelling with us. And the strongest animal we ever knew. You fought and conquered an immune disease fast 3 times!!! And you never made a big deal out of it even up to the last days. Our strong baby! You were such a happy dog and we could not ask for a better dog ever. You made us smile everytime we looked at you. We loved you so much and we will see you on the other side buddy. We will be looking for you and you make sure and look for us when we cross over buddy. Your with Jewel your cat sister and Toby your dog brother and grandpa. We promise to take your ashes with us up north, camping and on vacas like you loved doing. There will always be a whole in our hearts that no other animal can fill. Love you baby boy, mouse,mouse mcgillicutty,houghtie!

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