Cookie a faithful friend to the end. You were a very loved dog. Such a cutie. I loved your copper color. You were the dog to grab to cuddle and snuggle with. I know Greg treated you very well with special treats, dog park walks and the like. A faithful companion with unconditional love. As I look at pictures of you my heart feels saddened. You were a good girl and you will be missed greatly. Though I didn’t see you alot I loved you too.You traveled alot, I remember you came to the Pumpkin Festival a few times. I also remember a story that you went to the groomer and when you came home someone said “take that dog back and bring back “Cookie”! Your coat was thick and beautiful. Greg loved you so much however you left him the gift of all your love and wonderful memories. You will be missed alot!
Auntie Chris & Fam

  • August 26, 2014
    Dear Chris, Cookie will always be in our hearts and fond memories! We are all so sadden! She was an amazing dog and wonderful companion for Gregory!

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