You came into our family in February 2007. Quickly it became clear that you were definately supposed to be our boy! The love, laughter and comfort you gave us can never be repaid. You were to be 7 this December. Our house is so quiet without you, buddy. The last couple times we have walked in the door has been heart breaking not to have your wagging tail there to greet us. You are a beautiful, gentle, kind soul. We didn’t even know you were so sick until your last few days. Maybe you knew, but didn’t want us to worry, you were like that. We love you so much Coda-bear, you will forever be missed. Play with all the other dogs in Rainbow Bridge until we get there and when we do get there we will play the “chase game” as long as you want buddy! Watch over us as you always have. Mommy and Daddy and Ally love you so very much.

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