Chloe Cottee

My sweet baby girl mama misses you so much. Your time was cut too short getting hit by a car. Steve should have been careful when he opened the front door . I cant help but be so pissed off at him for doing that. I always made sure you didn’t get out and I always told him to watch out you guys were going to get hit. I miss you more than words can say. I am tearing up right now thinking of you and how our time was cut so short. You were only 2 years old. Your third birthday was in December it was actually the 27th or 28th and you got hit at the beginning of December. I hope your spirit is around me still hanging out. You were such a hyper sweet baby I will never forget you my love. I hope you are with your sisters. I have your ashes in a special made box by me. You will always still be close by me sweet baby. RIP baby mama will always love you

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