We adopted Chloe from a hound rescue in Howell, MI on January 14, 2006. She was two years old, underweight from being a stray for some time in the middle of winter, and really in need of a home. We took her home, loved her for many years, and helped her manage with severe congestive heart failure for the last year of her life. We spent countless hours feeding her by hand, getting her to take more pills than you could imagine, and she seemed genuinely happy until the end. On her last day she would not eat, refused her medications, and clearly told us that it was time. We did all her favorite things that day – went for a short walk (it was hard for her but she loved it), let her wander around the backyard she loved so much to her heart’s content, gave her a few bites of ground sausage, and just sat with her. Our vet made a house call at 4 pm that day and with the whole family around her Chloe went to heaven on her favorite couch. Faithful Companion picked her up just a short time later and first thing the next day I received a call that they wanted to “bring Chloe back home.” It was such a sad but great experience working with all these nice people, from our vet to the veterinary cardiologists who helped her, and to the staff at Faithful Companion. We will never forget Chloe, or the people who helped make her passing as beautiful as it was.

  • June 3, 2013
    Chloe was the sweetest beagle! She was also the most blessed beagle. Glenn & Nancy not only rescued Chloe but they gave her the best life any little beagle could ask for. She was such a loyal companion. She stayed at our house a few times when her parents were out of town. RIP Chloe. Your mom & dad have such heavy hearts as does everyone who knew you. That's how special you were. We thank God you are no longer suffering.
  • September 30, 2013
    It's been 4 months now since Chloe left us. We still miss her every day.

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