My Chico… I met you on Valentine’s day six years ago… how perfect was that? and how perfect was every day after that next to you. I will always cherish every second with you.
I will never forget your eyes… inquiring, requesting, saying so clearly “I love you, mom”… and I love you too Chico.Your jumping up and down on the sofa to then sit by my head and sleep on my shoulders, your always wanting to be on my lap or next to me putting your head on my heart…
I will remember how you always stared at me, insistently, when I had to step up and do something around the house… I remember your sun bathing, part of your daily routine… your little cry every morning when you were ready to go out… the way you looked at me when you started eating so I could tell you “good boy”…the way you kissed your brother Pasha and greeted him after he went out for a walk even if it was for 2 minutes… you loved him so much and he knows it, that is why he is now so sad that he can’t find you around the house.
I am completely heart broken that you left so early …
I wish I could say something so deep and so strong that expresses how loved you are and how much we’ll miss you… something that can come close to the special little guy you were and how much brighter you made all my days, even the most difficult oned we shared. But there is nothing I can say that describes just what you meant in my life and how I feel right now that I don’t feel your little body sleeping next to me.
I love you forever and always

  • July 26, 2016
    Chico, my grand-doggie, I'm going to miss you much. I am still in denial, thinking, feeling, it can't be that I won't see you at least once more wagging your tail, jumping like a rabbit, asking for more scratching in your belly. It gives me comfort that you're not aching anymore. Thank you for the joy, tenderness and love you brought to my daughter's life... and to mine. Good job Chico, good job! Mission accomplished little thing.

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