Chase April 19, 2000-July 1, 2014.
Chase was my companion and teacher for the past 14 years. He is still a blessing as the skills I learned from him will forever last in my mind in this life and all my future lives. Affectionate love, self-confidence, compassion, respect, patience, and even teaching which boundaries to cross and not to cross were his specialty as a protector. I know my view of him changed as the years passed and we both matured. In my mind he was not a thing or animal “owned”, despite having to get him licensed as a possession. He was a living being with a beautiful mind full of wisdom, only asking for what he needed, and giving endless love in his own special way. His physical features were perfect. The human family will remember his herding skills, especially around the babies. As this is a moment of reflection, I do look back in that mirror and see moments of wonderful long walks, enjoying toys and agility classes, yet still there are a few moments of great regret when we could have worked better together or I could have changed my view and actions that would have benefitted him more. It is these lessons that he taught so others will benefit. In my mind, you are now free from suffering and enjoying your pure land. All your negativities are purified in that last moment of this life looking a pure being. Your imprints are deep and now part of my mind and any resulting actions from those changes will benefit others for many lifetimes. Thank you for your kindness. We will cross paths again in more fortunate times.
Pic is the 2006 watercolor by Carol Wells,
Thanks to my brother for the beautiful picture from Carol.

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