Calvin and Skye

My Dobes. I can’t believe you are both gone. It hurts more than I can even describe. I’ve had you both since I was in college. You went through college life, moving, living with idiot boyfriends, tears on your fur MULTIPLE TIMES, vacations galore, more family members, then finally a new baby. Thank you for loving her like I do. I miss you so much that sometimes I can’t breathe. My only hope is that you’re together. Skye was never the same after Calvin died.
Thank you, my loves, for giving us 11 and 13 years of unconditional love, friendship, and lessons. Yes, we learned a lot from you two. May you both have all the bananas you want, ice cubes to chew, and an abundance of sun spots to lay in.

Calvin 3-27-98 * 6-14-11
Skye 3-30-01 * 4-12-12

  • August 16, 2016
    Tatsächlich in Clash Royale gibt es andere Karten, die Niederlage leicht, ohne dass Sie auch sehr mächtig sein können nichts tun.

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