C.C. Van Katt

Our precious little “Tee-Tee”, we took you and your “brother” in when your previous people brought you to the vet to be put down because their toddler would not leave you in peace. You were 14 then and lived happily 4 more years. We miss your loud voice (due to deafness), friendliness, diminutive frame, “tarheels” and beauty marks. We hope you have reunited with your roommate, B.B. Lion King, in the next world!

  • July 3, 2014
    Dear C.C., I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your photo.. I love your eyes, so expressive, and your beauty marks! You look like on of a kind. I am so glad that you found such a good home and were able to enjoy four more years with Sandi and her other cat companions! Your previous people do not sound all that compassionate.But Luck and Love were on your side. Say "Hi" to all the cats on the other side and enjoy Rainbow Bridge! Much love, Barbara (two-footed human and cat lover))

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