Bodacious “Boo Bear”

My first dog that turned into family, my love, my snuggle buddy, my listener, my protector, my everything you can think of that is Boo Bear to me. I love him more then life itself and I’m going to miss him so much. He loved everyone he met and he changed the minds of a lot of people about pitbulls. He taught people dogs weren’t back not only that but pitbulls aren’t bad. He taught that to special needs kids. He was just amazing all together. He was the best friend to Colt my son who is 3-1/2 years old. From day one he protected him and slept with him. Bodacious left behind a baby brother Diesel who is 9 years old and he follows in death his brother Roush who was 10. He did want us to continue rescuing so we have Skye who is 7 months old. When I got her at 1-1/2 weeks old bodacious mothered her. He was amazing. Then we got Star 11 weeks old he was just like oh crap another puppy lol. I love you Boo Bear you’ll always be a mommy boy and mommy will always love you I will miss you lying at the sliding door waiting for me to come home from work he knew the time I would be pulling up. Watch over me big boy. I’ll never ever forget you or stop loving you.

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