Lots of people are asking about Bentley. How do you sum up 11 years into words?
11 years ago Bentley was facing death. I couldn’t handle it. He was 6 months old and needed a leg amputation the owner couldn’t afford. I financed $4,800. I was 20 years old. Stupid huh? I had his leg amputated and took him home. That was the start of 11 years.
Bentley raised 4 kids, and was a huge part of every holiday along with numerous “nieces and nephews.” Not too many people could sit their newborn baby on their pitbull and feel safe, but I could. I never worried when the kids pretended to eat his food and stuck their face in his bowl, resulting in him licking them to death. I’ll never understand why he ate their dirty diapers either but he did. Bentley wasn’t all soft though. He saved my life twice. I’ve seen the damage he could do with my own eyes. I owed him everything I could give him. He listened to all my horrible stories, and he knew when I was crying to just sit with me. He never got mad when I had a bad day and yelled. Or upset when I forgot to feed him, or even during times that I couldn’t afford to and we’d all eat pb&j together. I’ll never know another loyalty like his again. Bentleys been defying the odds his whole life. Missing a leg never slowed him down. Today when they told me he was too sedated to wake up, he did anyway. Every time Bentley was sick, I sang “you are my sunshine” to him, and today when I was done singing, I said goodbye, he licked my face before I kissed him and walked away from my best friend.
Take care of him Mom. I know you loved him too. I’m sorry you both had to leave us too soon. #cancersucks

  • April 19, 2015
    Rest in peace, Bentley. Thank you for taking care of my best friend.
  • April 20, 2015
    I jist lost my best friend who was with me for 15 beautiful years. She wasa sweet little Poodle and she was so smart. Her favorite dog friend was my daughters Shadow who was much larger than my little 7 pounder. He took care of her when a situation needed and loved her and she looked all over the house for him after he had to be out to sleep. She was my little angel and she was special in every way. I miss her and cry every day and I still expect to see her when I come home. I still look for her and when I am eating something that was her favorite I am ready to give her a bite. Every day I am still finding something that reminds me of her - I just found her "pick up baggie" in my pocket. You are a very special person to take care of Bently. He knew what you did for him and i am sure he is watching you and caring for you from Above.
  • April 18, 2016
    Thank you love. I didn't know these were here. Pain is still the same as it was a year ago though.
  • April 18, 2016
    Thank you for the kind words Nancy. It's been a year now. I just now saw this but yesterday was the anniversary of bentleys passing. It still saddens me just as much as it did back then. I'll never know that connection again I'm afraid. But I will continue to rescue them, in his name. I feel like he would've wanted that.

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