Thank you my special pal for giving us almost four years of your special love & protection. You were as perfect as anyone could ask for & filled every day with love & your special growls for your mom as she tried talking to you about your “pretty paws”. You are missed more than words can say & it’s still like a dream. I’m sorry all the money in the world couldn’t make you better. I’m sure your passing was as unexpected by you as it was for us. Know that we look forward to seeing you again one day & we hope you were met on that Rainbow Bridge by Dozer. Know that you are held tightly within our hearts. We still feel your presence. Hopefully there are lots of squirrels where you are frolicking now! Loving you forever, mom & dad.

  • July 8, 2016
    I'm so sorry. I'm glad I got to meet him. They take a part of us with them when they go. God bless him.

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