Bailey (Best Dog Ever)

January 15, 2000 – June 7, 2011
Bailey came to us at 6 weeks old. She was a little round black lab that won are hearts on the spot. My husband started right away training her to become a bird dog. They would get in the truck every Saturday and travel to Brown City for training. She loved/lived to bird dog I knew. She hunted up until a couple years ago when her spine started giving her issues and she had to retire. This alone about killed her and my husband. She would sit at the laundry room door and cry for hours when he left without her. He would have to hide his stuff the night before so she would not know he was going hunting the following morning, but she knew. Bailey not only was a great hunting dog, but watchdog and family dog. She loved to curl up on the couch with the entire family. My husband had taught her how to retrieve the phone,TV remote ect…She was such a talker and always wanted attention. Dad and I miss you jumping into bed with us each morning and talking to us. She would go to the pantry door each time she came in from outside and would sit until she got a treat.I had just had her at the vet a week prior and she came back with a clean bill of health.The vet was amazed how great her teeth were for being 11.5 years old. I came home Tuesday to find my sweet girl no longer with us. It broke my heart! I feel bad that she died alone. I wish I had been home..this will bother me forever. The vet said Kelly most people would love for them to pass in their sleep and not have to make the decision when it was time. It was just so sudden. We all miss you girl and the house is not the same without you. You will never be forgotten. I hope you are running free with Mellow now! We love you..until we meet again.

Dad, Mom, McKenzie, Hunter, Scout and Trigger

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