What can I say? I fell in love with you when your tiny paw reached thru the cage at Wake County Animal Shelter. You were exactly what I wanted in my life. Dec 10, 1999.

Although going thru trials, you always greeted me at the door, heck, you even left me and came back (hurt!) 3 days later, but since, you never left my side.

You traveled with me to Florida for a job in 2002, to find that we left there and went to California for a month in 2003! And you came along for the ride without a whimper.

You slept beside me often as I always enjoyed. When hurting, you always let me know you had a problem and I helped you fix it.

Then in 2006, I promised you a friend to play with: Reggie. For a while, you snuggled and played but most importantly, I wanted you to have company while I was busy working. Although I recall how hurt you were when he arrived, I made sure you were still my girl.

In 2012, to keep Reggie company and playful, Ms Katie came into our lives, and this time I integrated her perfectly, however, she never warmed to you and for that, I am so sorry.

As you got up there in age, I did what I could to avoid the maladies that usually occur with older pets, but nature beat us and you were smitten with a growth unbeknownst to me, or my Veterinarian. Another professional finally informed me, that the problem could not be fixed, that you indeed were suffering and it was time for you to rest.

With great regret, I laid you to rest this September 1, 2016 with a heavy heart. But, prior, I slept beside you on the floor making sure you knew you’d never be alone. And today, you continue to be beside me.
Upon my death, we will once again remain together in ashes and spirit.

May God’s animal kingdom rejoice in adding you to their flock. You are no longer in pain, but in peace. You are still in my mind, my heart and at home with me< Reggie and Katie until we all return to our maker.

Sleep well, little kitty. My precious kitty, my best friend and my first companion for life.

May the light of Christ shine upon you and please think well of me. I anguish having to lose you, but I rejoice knowing you no longer are anguishing in discomfort.

Peace always,

My friend.


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