A Tribute to the McDu

McDu was my name from “The Outlander” books fame,

Over the years people did question the origin of my name.

Where did it come from and what did it mean?

It’s Gaelic, mom answered and of Scotland she dreamed.

I was a big gangly creature of all white and some tan,

Where ever we went folks stared at me as they can.

To the pet store we went more often than not,

With me sporing a new outfit and a new hat on top!

In eight short years I’ve proudly worn costumes,

Knowing if I didn’t I’d be really boo-hooed!

And so the years passed, gorwing in praise and in statue,

The attention I got due to my grand Regal nature.

God looked out for me throughout my short life,

As I ended up in the most blessed home without any strife.

I even made it through Doggie School numbered “101”,

Even not being thrown out before school was even done!

I’ve been through a lot in these shortened eight years,

And I know that my mom will be a long time shedding tears.

Droplets of tears of sadness, loss, grief and pain,

But she knows I’m with God and will forever remain.

Mom gives God the Praise for my life from above,

My never wavering gift to everyone was unconditional love.

But the Lord called me Home, and to answer His Call,

Is the Eternal Life we all Hope for, beyond anything at all.

October 1, 2012 – Judy Jones, Adopter/Writer

October 1, 2000 – Retired K.C.S.D.

October 1, 1993 – Mom passed

Last Notation & “Why”: I lost Du in three short weeks to osteo (bone cancer). He’d never been sick a day in his life.

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